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Arizona Long-Term Care System

What is ALTCS?

ALTCS (pronounced ALL-TEKS) is Arizona's Medicaid program that provides state-funded long-term care to Arizona residents who are disabled and need assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This program offers financial and medical aid to people who cannot afford the high costs associated with assisted living and nursing care services. 

Who is Eligible for ALTCS?

To be eligible for ALTCS, an Arizona resident must qualify both financially and medically. The applicant must reside in Arizona and be a citizen or a qualified immigrant. The applicant must also have a Social Security Number (SSN) or apply for one. After beginning the application process, a case manager will determine whether the applicant needs a nursing home level of care. The term 'nursing home level of care' does not mean the applicant must be in a nursing home; instead, it refers to the services similar to what a nursing home offers.

Basic Financial Requirements for the Year 2022: 

When determining financial eligibility, ALTCS looks at both income and assets. Currently, an individual's income cannot exceed $2,523 per month. Most assets (property, cars, checking, savings, etc.) are countable, but in some instances, are exempt when applying for ALTCS benefits. It is best to discuss the applicant's assets with your advisor, as they will guide you through the process accordingly. 

Basic Medical Requirements:

A state-appointed nurse or social worker determines an applicant's medical eligibility.  Qualifying factors are case by case and are different with each individual. Some examples of "qualifying factors" are aging, blindness, dementia, physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, mental illness, etc. A pre-consultation with a SeniorVue advisor will help determine if an individual is medically eligible, but cannot guarantee an applicant's outcome. All applications are handled at a state level and considered eligible by AHCCCS.

What if I'm Over the ALTCS Income Limit?


If an individual is over the ALTCS income or resource limit, they may consider setting up a Special Treatment Trust. Setting up a Special Treatment Trust is typically done by an attorney to ensure the trust meets federal and state requirements. If you do not have an attorney, you can browse our local list of attorneys by clicking on our Elder Law Resource Guide. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be able to receive free help from your local Area Agency on Aging or by calling the Senior HELP LINE at 602-264-HELP.

Determine Your ALTCS Eligibility 

Am I Eligible?
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